• x - Paul Finkelstein

    I have known most of you since you entered the seventh grade at Chestnut Ridge Middle School. I am extremely confident in the talent(s) you possess and your ability to succeed. I know the staff of teachers you have had since entering secondary education has prepared you with the strategies, routines, and habits of mind to allow you to reach your goal(s). 

    Personally, I feel extremely fortunate to play a role in realizing your vision. It is with great pride that I can hand you a diploma at your graduation!

    Your graduation from high school is a symbol of the successful completion of New York State standards. It also echoes your achievement and the beginning of your journey, fulfilling your desires and dreams in life. 

    Congratulations to our Seniors, the graduating class of 2017. Our Spring Valley High School Juniors and Sophomores, are soaring to the finish line right behind you. 

    Always remember that individuals with great determination create great opportunities!

    Best of luck,

    Paul  Finkelstein
    Paul Finkelstein
    Assistant Principal