• Student Support Services

    East Ramapo Central School District is committed to making sure all students receive a quality education that fits within the framework of their individual needs. The Department of Student Support Services specially designs instruction, services and programs to help meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. 

    Special Education 

    East Ramapo offers the entire New York State Continuum of Special Education Services, and prides itself on maintaining students in their least restrictive environment with supports needed to succeed. 


    Case Management 

    In addition to the programs in district, The Case Management Office provides services to students who have been recommended by the school District for out-of-district placements. Once a student has been recommended for an out- of-district placement, the staff in Case Management assumes responsibility for overseeing the student’s educational program. The Case Management Office conducts CSE meetings and annual reviews. The Case Management staff observes students in their school environments, meets with staff and parents as necessary and ensures students receive an appropriate education. 

    Committee on Special Education (CSE) All special education placements are determined by the Committee on Special Education, the Subcommittee on Special Education and the Committee on Preschool Special Education. Based on mandated documents and educational reports, the CSE will determine if a disability exists and, if so, will recommend appropriate services, program and placement. These committees, in conjunction with parents and teachers, help develop Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for each school-age or preschool- age pupil with a disability on an annual basis. 

    Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) The School District is responsible for ensuring the provision of evaluations and special education ser- vices and/or programs to eligible preschool children. A child must be classified by the CPSE as a preschooler with a disability in order to receive services. Parents who have concerns about their preschool child’s development should contact the CPSE Department with questions. 

    Increasing Social Emotional and Mental Health Support 

    East Ramapo is committed to meeting the needs of the whole child by focusing on supporting students and families. The Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement alongside the Homeless Liasion, Family Resource Coordinators, School Counselors, Social Workers, and School Psychologists collaborate to pro- vide multiple layers of support for students, families, and the greater community. 

    In addition to in-school supports, the District recognizes the efforts of our community partners.
    ● Access-VR (845.426.5410)
    ● Alcoholics Anonymous (845.352.1112) 

    ● Astor Services (845.871.1000)
    ● Bridges (845.624.1366)
    ● Candle (845.634.6677)
    ● Catholic Charities Community Services of Rockland (845.942.5791 ● Center for Safety and Change (845.634.3344) 

    ● Child Care Resources of Rockland (845.425.0009)
    ● NAMI - National Alliance of Mental Illness (845.359.8787)
    ● Ramapo Police Department (845.357.2400)
    ● Rockland BOCES (845.348.3500)
    ● Rockland County Department of Social Services (845.364.3100) ● Rockland County Department of Health (845.364.2512)
    ● Samaritan Daytop Village (845.353.2730)
    ● Spring Valley Police Department (845.357.7044

    Contact Us

    Jessica Alexander
    Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services

    Tamara Truax
    Director of Clinical Services

    Dominique Marable
    Director of Special Education / Case Management

    Dr. Liz Cohen
    Director of Special Education Non-Public Schools

    Janeen Dilkes, FNP-BC
    Coordinator, Health Services

    Sheila Luna
    Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) Coordinator

    Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)


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