• Computer Software and Hardware Loan Program

    New York State Education Law authorizes the East Ramapo Central School District to purchase and loan computer software and computer hardware to all students attending public and nonpublic elementary or secondary schools located within the school district boundaries regardless of their school district of residence.

    The per student allocation for the 2022-2023 school year are:

    Instructional Computer Software - $14.98 per student enrolled in grades K-12
    Instructional Computer Hardware - $7.41 per student enrolled in grades K-12

    If you and your school would like to participate in this loan program, please follow the steps below.

    • Complete the “Loan Request Student Count Certification Form 2022-2023”. This form will verify the number of students in your school that was submitted to the New York State Education Department in the October 2021 BEDS report. Please refer to the EXCEL spreadsheet “Nonpublic School State Aid Totals for 2022-2023”to obtain your official BEDS enrollment number.


    • Complete the attached“Computer Software Loan Request Form 2022 - 2023” and/or “Computer Hardware Loan Request Form "2022- 2023”, which are Microsoft Word fill-in forms. “Save” a copy of the form for completion and printing for each vendor. The total cost will automatically be  calculated once the  quantity and unit cost are entered. Please include all vendor information, item description, quantity, manufacturer’s item number, cost per item, shipping cost and any additional information requested on the order form.


    • For requests that require a price quote, include the quote reference number and item description on the form. If the total cost of your order exceeds $1,000, you MUST provide us with two additional quotes. Submit all requests on these forms and include any attachments.


    • Do not exceed your school’s total allocation.

    Instructional computer software and hardware loaned by a public school district cannot contain religious content. See attachments for each program regarding definitions and examples of religious, denominational and sectarian materials, policy and guidelines. 


    As in years past, the Office of Funded Programs is offering nonpublic schools the opportunity to make transfers of funds for State Aid Instructional Material, per BEDS number, per School Year.  If you would like to transfer funds, please complete the “Transfer Request Form 2022 – 2023”.


    March 17, 2023 is the deadline for submitting Software and Hardware requests for the 2022-2023 school year.

Computer Software and Hardware Loan Program