• Principal's Message

    It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to Ramapo High School, and to extend my warmest wishes for a successful school year. RHS has a long tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, activities, community service, and Gryphon pride. Our mission statement reflects our purpose - As a unified community, we are committed to educating the whole child by providing a healthy, safe, supportive, engaging, and challenging environment. Our vision is to be proficient in all that we do. We encourage all members of the RHS learning community to adopt a growth mindset in all that we do so that there is no limit to what we can do – together. We will help our children go “all the way up!”

    At Ramapo High School the guiding principles of efficacy that help frame our work are:

    1.   Smart is not something you are, smart is something you get.
    2.   Thoughts determine actions
    3.   Think you can. Work hard. Get smart.
    4.   The Learning Zone is where you get smart.
    5.   In everything you do, Find Out How Good You Can Be (FOHGYCB)
    6.   Feedback tells you where your Learning Zone is and how hard you have to work.
    7.   The Step-By-Step method is a way of working hard to get better.
    8.   Use feedback! Think you can! Keep moving out!
    9.   Overcome Internal and External obstacles
    10. Listen to your strong side and make it powerful.

    I sincerely welcome your ideas, your feedback, and your support, and I challenge each of you to share our mission and vision for a successful year for all learners at all levels.  I look forward to meeting and speaking with you about your child and about all of the students at Ramapo High School and I wish each of you the very best for the upcoming school year.