• Course Descriptions

    Productions Design and Engineering – ½ credit

    This course recognizes the dramatic changes that have occurred in the way products are designed and manufactured.  Hands-on activities in the design development, production and evaluation of manufactured goods will emphasize a team approach to manufacturing.  Students will receive an introduction to technical drawing.  Conventional and computer-aided manufacturing processes are explored with quality control and statistical analysis of manufacturing defects.   

    Graphic Communications – ½ credit

    This course consists of instruction and hands on activities in image design, electronic imaging, equipment interfacing, telecommunications, prepress processes and image transfer and finishing.  Desktop publishing and other computer technologies are stressed.  

    Principles of Engineering – ½ credit

    This course introduces students to concepts of engineering (design, modeling, optimization systems and technology/society interactions).  This course serves as good foundation to enable students to make connections to ?real world? case studies.  

    Introduction to Architecture – ½ credit

    This course, which fulfills the art/music requirement for technology students, is designed for students who wish to study residential and commercial building design.  It integrates math, science and technology into architectural design solutions.  Students design houses, interiors and landscapes using 2D and 3D computer graphics systems.  Class activities include field trips, student scholarship contests, guest speakers, and model building.  Auto CAD 2000 and Chief Architect as well as other technologies enable students to create floor plans, elevations, and renderings which culminate with the construction of a three-dimensional scale model of students’ original architectural designs.  Career opportunities in architecture and related professions are explored.   

    Design and Drawing for Production I – 1 credit

    Design and Drawing for Production I – ½ credit

    This is an introductory course designed to challenge students using the creativity of design, the exactness of technical drawing, model building as well as some full-scale products.  Students will study and solve problems in aerospace, mechanics and packaging as well as develop skills in computer-aided drafting (CAD).  Extensive use of computer programs is integrated into this course. This course can be taken by all students to fulfill the diploma requirements in art/music.

    Web Site Development & Design – ½ credit

    This one-semester course will provide students an overview of the skills and knowledge required to design and construct Internet web sites.  Students will use a variety of web site creation software products as they conceive of, organize and develop web sites for educational, business and personal uses.  Additional emphasis will be on using effective research skills. 

    Computer Engineering & Repair – ½ credit

    This one-semester course is designed to give students an understanding of the basic components, functions and construction of personal computers.  Students will learn correct terminology, important features, how information is input, stored and accessed.  They will build a computer from parts, demonstrate use of multiple operating systems, troubleshoot hardware problems, discern possible solutions and make necessary repairs.