• Course Descriptions

    Concert Chorus – 1 credit

    Concert Chorus – ½ credit

    Concert Chorus a / b – ½ credit

    This is a class for students who match pitch, enjoy singing and wish to participate in concerts.  Vocal techniques, the development of music reading ability and ensemble singing will be stressed.  Participation in small group lessons, once a week, scheduled on a rotating basis, is a mandatory extension of this class.  Students are expected to perform in Winter and Spring Concerts .   

    Concert Band – 1 credit

    Concert Band – ½ credit

    Concert Band a / b– ½ credit

    Students in this course will study band literature of varied levels.  Techniques in ensemble and solo performance are emphasized.  Concert band members are encouraged to participate in Marching Band.  Participation in lessons, once a week, scheduled on a rotating basis, is a mandatory extension of this course.  Participation in concerts is mandatory.  Those band members participating in Marching Band will earn a 5% weighted grade for the first quarter.  

    Orchestra – 1 credit

    Orchestra – ½ credit

    Orchestra – ½ credit

    Orchestral literature of various levels and periods from the Baroque to the Contemporary are studied and performed.  Selected students participate in String Ensembles.  Students are expected to participate in lessons, once a week, on a rotating basis.  Participation in concerts is mandatory.     

    Electronic Music – ½ credit

    This course introduces students to the fundamentals of electronic music.  Students work with the synthesizer, computer, midi, drum machine and sequencer.  Projects may include production of a demo tape and/or sequencing music for a vocal or instrumental performance.     

    Discovering Music – ½ credit

    This is a music elective intended to enable students with significant cognitive disabilities to experience the world of music.  Students will be exposed to music theory, history, appreciation and performance, with a broad overview of music as an important part of daily life.  

    Marching Band

    This is a voluntary musical ensemble open to students in grades 6-12.  The program entails rehearsals after school, participation at football games, competitions, and parades.  Students are asked to consider membership to this group as their musical contribution to school and community.  Concert Band students participating as full members for the school year will receive a weighted grade of 5% during the first quarter of the school year.