• FAQs

    Best Practices 

    • Shut off your computer when you leave your station
    • Do not leave personally identifiable information (PII) available for others to view.  This includes your gradebook, the Student Information System and all other resources and tools with PII.
    • Make passwords easy for you to remember, hard for others to figure out; change them regularly  

    Is it safe to work on my gradebook using an open, unsecured, internet connect? 
    No.  Free/open internet connects may leave PII vulnerable to unscruplous individuals.  Use internet services which are password protected for any work which includes PII (such as grades, and for your own personal efforts bills).  Open internet connections are fine for lesson planning, research, homework review and other key activities. 

    Should I shut down my computer when I leave work?
    Yes, as this will allow patches and updates to be installed on a regular basis.

    What do I do if my computer/printer doesn't work?
    Before calling for technical support please review the following:

    • Is the computer, monitor, printer, etc. plugged in correctly?
    • Is the device turned on? Check the buttons to make sure both green lights are on (the monitor and CPU).
    • Are all the cables tighlty connected?
    • Does the printer need an ink cartridge or paper?
    • Have you tried restarting the computer?

    How do I get technical support? 
    East Ramapo contracts all computer technical support to the LHRIC BOCES service desk. Click on this link, online service desk, and enter your East Ramapo email address and your password to login.  Please be certain to give specific details of the problem you are having so that the technician comes prepared to fix the problem.   You can also call the LHRIC BOCES help line at 914-922-3002 to report your problem. LHRIC, which stands for the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center, is our regional BOCES support site.