• Course Descriptions


    Human Relations – ½ credit

    The class focuses on the relationships of teenagers with their families, friends and society.  Topics include getting along with peers and parents, decision making, dating, premarital concerns.  Adult responsibilities within the school and the community are explored.  Adult relationships during the life stages of being single, married and parenthood are also addressed.  This course is only open to grades 10-12.  


    Exploring Foods I – 1 credit

    Exploring Foods I – ½ credit

    This course includes all phases of food preparation, nutrition awareness, consumer education, meal management and service and related career exploration.    

    Exploring Foods II – 1 credit

    Exploring Foods II – ½ credit

    This course includes gourmet food preparation and a study of international and regional foods.  Students will be able to pursue individual areas of interest as well as advanced baking, cooking and entertaining.  Prerequisite:   Exploring Foods I.  

    Catering I – 1 credit

    Catering I – ½ credit

    This course is designed for the student with unusual ability and interest in foods who might be considering a career in this field.  Students will study food services, catering, and the economic and practical aspects of operating their own food business.  Practical experience is provided through actual preparation of foods for school functions.  Students must have completed Exploring Foods I and II, and must have the recommendation of the foods teacher.


    Fashion I – 1 credit

    Fashion I – ½ credit

    While emphasizing current styles and fashion, this course also explores the fundamentals of sewing.  Evaluating clothing design and the properties of modern clothing and household textiles are included.  The instruction is individualized to provide students with an opportunity to work at their own levels of competency in their own interest areas.  Career and Technical Education majors can use this course towards graduation requirements in the arts.     

    Fashion II – 1 credit

    Fashion II – ½ credit

    This course expands upon topics covered in Fashion Design I and provides an opportunity to develop extensive tailoring and advanced sewing techniques.  Individualized experimentation with special fabrics and techniques is encouraged.  Students with an interest in fashion related careers would benefit from both fashion courses.  Prerequisite: Fashion I.  

    Interior Design – ½ credit

    This course is designed to provide a foundation for management of housing information as it pertains to individuals.  Housing decisions and trends are identified and examined.  Design theory is studied and applied.  Topics include housing needs; floor plans; furniture arranging; line color, and shape; floor, wall and window coverings; as well as furniture refinishing.  Students who may be considering careers in interior design, architecture, real estate or home decorating will find this course very useful.  Career and Technical Education majors can use this course towards graduation requirements in the arts.