• Course Descriptions

    Studio Art 1

    This is a beginning prerequisite course dealing in the design principles, theories of color and painting techniques while using various media in order to help the students build visual and graphic vocabulary and to become familiar with art expressions as a visual language.

    Studio Art 2

    Studio Art 2 is for students wanting a full year in Art prior to starting specific Art electives. One year of Studio Art is required for a sequence in Art.

    Painting 1

    In this course, emphasis is placed upon the study of pictorial organization and the development of sensitivity to color. The student in Painting 1 learns to develop his/her powers of observation and analysis. The subject opens up an immense field and cultivates judgment in matters of construction, composition, form, space, values, tone, color and line.

    Painting 2

    This course provides for further training of the imaginative and creative abilities of the students. While continuing the work taught in Painting 1, the student would be expected to work more independently. In addition, an awareness and analysis of contemporary forms in painting is accomplished trough group discussions, slides and related readings.

    Computer Art Graphics 1

    This is a first course using the computer as an artistic tool. Students will use graphic tablets, light pens, and video digitizers. Students will learn computerized animation with a variety of graphic software programs. Printing images in black and white, and color, will be investigated in depth.

    Computer Art Graphics 2

    Students will use intermediate graphic software as well as developing desktop publishing skills. The development of original artwork utilizing the full range of the computer will be covered.

    Computer Art Graphics 3

    This is an advanced course involving video interfacing, animation and motion graphics as well as special effects. Cartooning This course introduces the materials, techniques and processes involved in the designing of cartoons. Emphasis is placed on developing original figures, animals and caricatures trough the use of charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, brush, watercolors, lithograph pencils and tempera.

    Drawing 1

    This course introduces the student to numerous creative and experimental approaches to drawing such as contour, gesture, mass and modeling. Techniques of pencil, pen, and ink, brush, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, tempera collage and acrylics are explored.

    Drawing 2

    This course provides further training in imagination and creative abilities of the students. Students will be required to work at a more advanced level exercising awareness of and analysis in contemporary forms.

    Independent Study

    Under the guidance of an art teacher, the student pursues a program of systematic study focused on a suitable topic of his/her choice with an acceptable visual report as the final outcome of the study.