• Title II

    Part A - Professional Development

    The purpose of Title IIA funding is to provide professional development training to school personnel in an effort to improve student academic achievement.

    All activities to be carried out for school personnel must be based on a review of  scientifically based research. Professional development activities may include:

    • Improving the knowledge of teachers, principals, and other educational personnel in one or more of the core academic subjects and in effective instructional teaching strategies, methods, and skills; 
    • Training in effectively integrating technology into curricula and instruction; 
    • Training in how to teach students with different needs, including students with disabilities or limited English proficiency, and gifted and talented students; 
    • Training in methods of improving student behavior, identifying early and appropriate interventions, and involving parents more effectively in their children’s education; 
    • Leadership development and management training to improve the quality of  principals and superintendents; and 
    • Training in the use of data and assessments to improve instruction and student outcomes.

    For Title II information regarding nonpublic schools, please visit our Nonpublic Schools department page.