• Mission & Vision Statements

    Vision Statement

    The vision for Lime Kiln Elementary School is to foster an environment where children can thrive with the support of a professional staff that seeks academic excellence, promotes positive social development, and provides emotional and physical safety for each student. 

    Mission Statement 

    ~ To educate the whole child.
    ~ To help all children reach their potential, regardless of socio-economic status, gender, race, language, ethnicity, religion or disability.
    ~To become informed members of the school community.
    ~To foster the ideals of a professional learning community.
    ~To teach all children to learn how to think and use strategies for success.
    ~To empower all children so that they are responsible for their own learning.
    ~To create an environment of mutual respect, acceptance and tolerance.
    ~To prepare students to become productive members of society and the world community.