• Collaboration

    Early Childhood Council

    A collaboration of Childcare Providers, Day Care Centers, Spring Valley Head Start, ERCSD Pre-k, and the Family Resource Center Coordinator, which disseminates information, outreach and programming to early childhood families. The Early Childhood Council is currently constructing a newsletter that would be distributed in our Pre-k classes and local childcare facilities. The newsletter will consist of information such as kindergarten registration, orientation, and library family programming. As a result, the families will have a direct link to our schools.

    Rockland 21st Century Schools Collaborative for Children and Youth

    To better understand the role of the Family Resource Center, a Family Resource Coordinator attends each monthly Rockland 21 Collaborative meeting. This countywide collaboration comprises of Family Resource Coordinators from the eight school districts in Rockland County. It offers best practices for Family Resource Centers as well as state, and national findings. Likewise, it provides camaraderie between coordinators where information, referrals, and programming is disseminated. 

    Spring Valley Collaborative

    To ensure that the Family Resource Center Coordinators develop a, strong, connection with the local non-profit agencies in our district, a Family Resource Center Coordinator representative attends each monthly meeting. The Spring Valley Collaborative meets the 2nd Friday of every month in the Louis Kurtz Center located in Spring Valley. The Family Resource Center Coordinator presence at these meeting allows her to gather information for the other Family Resource Center Coordinator regarding the events and programs occurring at the other community based organizations. The Family Resource Center Coordinator is, also, able to communicate the events and programs at individual schools. Not to mention, work with agencies to collaborate on school programs/events/referrals.

    Immigration Coalition

    The Immigration Coalition meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Spring Valley. Different local and national agencies meet and discuss topics regarding the various immigration issues in Rockland County such as health, legal issues and outreach programs that are available to our families. By attending these meetings, it will ensure open communication and information needed between Family Resource Coordinators and the coalition.