• Dismissal

    To pick up your child during the school day, stop in the Main office. We will contact the classroom and your child will come to the office while you are signing him/her out.

    Buses begin leaving Hempstead School at 2:25pm. If you need to pick up your child at the end of the day, you may arrive at 2:15. Please park in the back, pull onto the grass before the blacktop area so you do not interfer with any classes that may be outside. Please send the teacher a note so your child will not be put on the bus.

    Kindergartners must be met at the bus.

    Any dismissal changes must be sent to the school in writing. If there is no note and we cannot reach you, your child will go on the bus to your home or to their after school program.

    If another adult will pick your child up from school, we must have a note authorizing us to release your child to this person. This adult must have proper identification.

    If your child will not be going to his usual after-school program, we must have a note and you must call the program to let them know the child will be absent.

    If your child does not arrive home at the expected time, call the transportation office (577-6490) and then call the school (577-6270). Try to have an adult remain at the bus stop in case the bus arrives late. Calling, rather than coming to school, allows us to solve the problem faster.

    School Bus