• Curriculum Overview

    Grade 3


    Mathematics Units

    • Problem Solving
    • Number Sense and Numeration
    • Operations on Whole Numbers
    • Patterns and Functions
    • Fractions/Decimals/Money
    • Measurement/Time
    • Graphing, Data Collection, Analysis
    • Probability
    • Geometry

    Social Studies

    Communities Around the World: Learning About People and Places

    • Students learn about communities that reflect the diversity of the world’s peoples and cultures
    • Students begin to learn about historic chronology by placing important events on timelines
    • Students locate world communities
    • Students learn how different communities meet their basic needs and wants


    Science as Inquiry

    • Students will learn how to plan and conduct simple investigations
    • Students will learn how to use simple equipment and tools to gather data
    • Students will learn how to use data to construct reasonable explanations
    • Students will learn how to effectively communicate the results of the investigations and give explanations