• Transportation

    Every child attending Hempstead School rides a bus. Bus passes are mailed to your home by transportation. Students should have their bus passes with them. Transportation must be contacted at 577-6490 to arrange any stop other than your home address. An adult must meet kindergartners at the bus stop.

    Bus safety is everyone's job. Please review the following safety rules for walking to the bus and riding the bus with your child: 

    • Follow all safety rules. 
    • Walk on the bus one at a time. 
    • Stay seated on the bus. 
    • Use quiet voices on the bus. 
    • Treat the bus driver and passengers with respect. 
    • Walk where the driver can see you and you can see the driver. 
    • Look both ways when crossing. 
    • If something drops under the bus, leave it there.

    If the students do not follow the rules, parents will get copies of bus referrals and consequences given ranging from a verbal warning to suspension of bus privileges.