• Recess Expectations


      Great Attitude
    • Use words to solve your problems - ask an adult for help if you need it
    • Be friendly
    • Good Sportmanship
    • Compliment friends
    • Treat others as you'd like to be treated
    • Tell the truth
    • Follow rules
    • Ask permission to leave the playground
    • Return promptly from the restroom or drinking water with your pass
    • Respond to whistle
    • Return equipment to designated areas
    • Place personalbelongings in assigned areas
    • Line up quickly and quietly
    • Use kind words
    • Share equipment
    • Listen for directions
    • Observe personal space
    • Walk through hallways quietly
    • Include all who want to play
    • Stay in play area
    • Use playground equipment correctly
    • Be in sight of adults on duty
    • Climb only on playground equipment 
    • Same as above
    • Use indoor voices
    • Respond to "lights" signal for directions and clean up
    • Use appropriate behavior when the teacher is not present
    • Return to your seat when recess is over
    • Clean up quickly and quietly
    • Share
    • If something breaks inform the teacher
    • Walk in and around the classroom
    • Stay in the classroom
    • Use toys and equipment correctly