• Got Homework?

    Got HW?

    63260/p296340885_61193.gifThe answer is YES.  Students have HW every night.


    • Spelling/Word Study
    • Math worksheet
    • Reading ("just right" book and/or Raz-kids.com for at least 15-20 minutes)

    Friday-Sunday (weekends and holidays)

    • Weekend Journal
    • Raz-kids.com/Reading (at least 30 minutes each day)
    • Unfinished classwork

    *Parents please check HW folders each night for important notices and letters from school.


    Helpful Homework Tips

    HW is a very important part of learning. This is a student's opportunity to practice what he/she learned at school.  Here are some tips or helping your child with HW:

    * Establish a HW routine with your child (explain your expectations and review the importance of HW).

    * Have a special place and time to do HW each day. 

    * After homework is completed, remind your child to put their work back into his/her HW Folder and bookbag.
    * Don't forget to read for at least 15-20 minutes each day.  See Book + 20 = Pizza page for more information.

    *Please check your child's HW Folder daily for notes and messages from school. Each weekend your child should clean out their HW Folder and take out the work from the previous week. You can keep these papers at home. They do not need to come back to school.