• Class Constitution


    We, the people of Class 2L, promise to make our classroom a caring, safe and comfortable place where everyone is welcome and free to learn at their own pace.

    Class Rules

    Students promise to:

    • Keep hands, feet and other objects to themself.
    • use nice, appropriate language.
    • Keep desks and classroom work spaces clean and organized.
    • Listen to and follow all directions.
    • Do their best on every assignment, everyday, at school and at home.


    • stickers
    • Lunch Bunch
    • special treat
    • party
    • extra computer time
    • "Caught Being Good" notes/phone calls


    • warning
    • time-out
    • note/call to parent
    • desk/seat change
    • loss of recess time
    • meeting with parents
    • meeting with the principal