• Responsible Behavior


    How do we expect children to behave?
    All children are expected to follow rules:

    • act in a safe way
    • use self control
    • listen to each other
    • show good manners
    • be respectful and truthful
    • be kind and fair to others
    • share and work well with others
    • learn from each other.

    We ask each family to review the East Ramapo Disciplinary Code of Conduct.

    What if a child has a conflict with another student? 

    • Important ideas or growth develop from handling conflict well.
    • We will help your child learn conflict resolution skills.
    • We will help your child understand that conflicts need to be solved peacefully.
    • Let the school know if conflict is a source of stress for your child.
    • Support our efforts to solve conflicts peacefully.

    What if a child misbehaves in school?

    • We will speak with the child.
    • We will try to help the child learn more responsible behavior.
    • We will contact the child's family.
    • There will be an appropriate consequence.

    What if the misbehavior continues or is a serious infraction?
    We will NOT TOLERATE any:

    • Fighting (of any kind)
    • Throwing rocks, sticks, or sand
    • Bullying
    • Defacing of property
    • Sexual harassment
    • Dangerous items on the bus or on school property
    • Weapons or items used as weapons. 
    • The family will be contacted.
    • The appropriate school official will be notified.
    • The East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD) Disciplinary Code of Conduct will guide disciplinary procedures.
    • There will be an appropriate consequence.
    • The child/family is responsible for paying for damages to school/personal property.
    • The child's conduct will be monitored.
    • A behavior improvement plan will be instituted.
    • The school support team will assist the student, teacher and family with the plan.