• Bus Transportation & Safety

    Bus Trasportation
    Bus passes are mailed home before school begins in September.  Have your child at the bus stop fifteen minutes early the first two weeks of school.  Call East Ramapo Transportation (845) 577-6490 with any questions or concerns.  You must notify East Ramapo Transportation if you move or change Day Care.  They will issue a new bus pass.

    Bus Safety
    We will teach your child about bus safety.

    We will stress bus safety every day.
    A teacher will make sure your child leaves and boards the bus safely at school.
    The child will be assigned to a permanent bus seat.
    The driver is specially trained in safe driving.
    The driver will strive to maintain order on the bus.
    It is up to your child to behave appropriately and follow the bus safety rules

    • We walk where the bus driver can see us when we leave the bus. 
    • We get on and off the bus one at a time. 
    • We remain in our seats on the bus. 
    • We use quiet voices on the bus. 
    • We respect others on the bus. 
    • We listen respectfully to the driver.

    School bus safety rules will be strictly enforced.

    How can I help my child be safe on the bus?

    • Review the bus safety rules.
    • Let your child know that you expect good behavior on the bus.
    • Accompany your child to the bus stop and help your child remain safe.
    • Report any problems you notice to the school or transportation.

    What if a child misbehaves on the bus?

    • The bus driver will report a child who misbehaves to the school.
    • We speak with the child and send a bus report home to the family.
    • We expect that the family will review bus safety with the child.
    • The bus report must be signed by a parent and returned to school.
    • If the child receives three reports:
      • a parent conference is held.
      • the child can be suspended from riding the school bus.
      • It is then the parent's responsibility to bring the child to and from school.