• Supporting Student Learning


    How can I help my child be healthy and ready to learn?

    • Make sure your child gets 8-10 hours of sleep every night.
    • Ensure good nutrition.
    • If your child wears eyeglasses, make sure they wear them to school every day.
    • If your child is not feeling well, it is important to notify the school.

    What if my child needs medication in school?

    • Bring the medication to the Nurse's office.
    • Have a copy of the doctor's orders and note for the nurse.

    What if my child appears worried or upset?

    • Try to help your child talk out worries or problems before coming to school.
    • Let your child's teacher know about concerns your child might have.
      Ask for help from school personnel.
    • Notify the school immediately about school problems.

    How can I help my child come to school focused and ready to learn?

    • Maintain a positive attitude about school and learning.
    • Encourage your child to do his or her best.
    • Focus on strengths.
    • Praise your child's efforts and accomplishments.
    • Help your child set goals for high achievement.
    • Encourage your child to learn from mistakes.
    • Understand how your child learns.
    • Stay involved.

    How can I help my child to excel?

    • Make time for reading with your child every day!
    • Take your child to the public library regularly.
    • Encourage your child to write at home.
    • Keep paper, pencils, and note pads handy.
    • Write notes back and forth to your child.
    • Help your child write cards and letters to others.
    • Help your child use math concepts and skills every day.

    How can I make sure all homework is completed?

    • a quiet, well-lit place to do homework
    • homework supplies
    • a thirty-minute homework time every day
    • your signature on all homework
    • help packing up the book bag after homework is finished
    • a special place to store the book bag overnight
    • help without giving your child the answer
    • let the teacher know if your child does not bring home homework or has a difficult time completing homework

    How can I become more involved in my child's school?

    • join us for a class, grade level or school event
    • chaperone a school trip
    • read to a child
    • share a talent or special interest with your child's class
    • help out at lunch or recess
    • help your child's teacher with learning materials
    • help in the school library media center
    • be a class parent