Matter games (matching)

Science Games and Activities for Kids:  Complete the matter game, reviewing solid, liquid , and gas

What is a molecule video


Scientific Method You need to know the steps!

1.  Question: Ask a question that you are curious about

2.  Prediction: Write a hypothesis(An educated guess)

3. Gather materials:  What do I need to do this experiment?

4.  Procedure:  What steps do I take to do experiment?

5. Collect Data:  What are the results

6. Conclusion:  What are the results?

What is the difference between a Physical and Chemical change in matter?  Click here to find out.  

Worksheet  to practice

Dancing Raisins  explanation


Dancing Raisins 

Digestion: Ed Helper                                                                                              Reading and quiz on digestion first

Kids Health:  Animated diagram of digestive system 

Video Where does our food go?                                                      

Another digestion movie                             Brainpop: digestion 

Food Pyramid Tutorial

Food Pyramids games

Digestion REview quiz

Food Chain Game

Click here to play some awesome games on Food Chains and Webs