Homework Policy

Mrs. Zweig's 
Homework Policy


Student Expectations:SchoolCenter Picture

1. I will complete all my assignments.

2. I will turn in work that is completed neatly. 
3. I will turn in homework on time,

4. I will make up homework missed because of absence.

Teacher Expectations:

1. I will check homework daily.

2. I will give students praise and incentatives (rewards) when they 
  complete their homework.

Parent Expectations:

1. I will provide a quiet area for daily homework assignments.

2. I will not allow my child to get out of doing homework.

3. I will contact Mrs. Zweig if my child has any problems completing
  their homework.

Students will receive points for completed assignments

Two Points:  Completed Work that is on time

One Point:  For work that is partially complete or handed in a day late.

Zero Point: For incomplete work.  

There will be a target point value to work towards for each week.  For example if I have given ten homework assignments, then the total target point value for the week would be 20.  20/20 = 100% for the week for homework

A progress will be sent home on Mondays that will inform you on the  your child's work and behavior from the previous week.  Please sign and send in on Tuesday.

Students will take home a daily planner and a homework folder every night.  

  • Please check planner on Fridays and sign it so that I know that you have seen what your child has completed for the week. I will write the point value in each child's planner, so that you can also keep track on how your child is doing. If this planner is lost, the parent will be responsible for replacing it.  
  • The homework folder will have two pockets.  The papers that are put in the left pocket will be left home and the papers in the right need to be returned to school. I would appreciate your help in the beginning of the school year, however my goal would be for my students to do this independently and become responsible for their homework.