Good Vibrations

"Look Whose Responsible?"As Mrs. Zweig's fourth grade student, you are responsible for being the best you can be as it relates to your academics and social behavior in class and outside of class.  You are expected to put 100% effort in completing all your assignments.  Treating others with respect and kindness is a must in our class. We follow the "Golden Rule".  

There are two programs in class that help both you and I keep track of these goals: One is "Look's Whose Responsible" and the other is "Ticket Time"

In the "Look "Whose" Responsible" program, the entire class has a chance to win a group reward. This reward is designed with the idea that you must carry through our class goals in all parts of our school, such as Phys Ed., Reading,  cafeteria and playground. Class earns an owl with a letter on it.  The letters spell out a reward. Working as a team is a goal that I set every year for my class.  

Students who are not responsible will not participate in "reward program"

In Ticket Time, individual students earn tickets for completing all homework on time(one week), neat desks, and sometimes for being recognized for being a good citizen.  

Students can use these tickets to earn time.

10 tickets:  Have lunch in classroom with two friends: 

Place tickets in a raffle box for chance of winning a prize

At one time or another, you or a friend might encounter a bully.  Below are sites that will help you with strategies on how to deal with a bully.



click here to watch and listen to song entitled:

If You Wanna' Get the Teacher's Attention