• Website Evaluation


    Website Evaluation

    Answer the following questions when you evaluate a website.

    Who Created the Site?

    • Are they an expert on the topic?
    • Is there contact information?
    • *email   *snail mail (postal service)   *telephone and or fax

    Who is the information for?

    • Public School Students
    • College Students
    • Professionals
    • Personal Interest
    • Research

    What is the domain?

    • .com -commercial
    • .gov –government
    • .edu –education
    • .mil –military
    • .org –organization (usually non-profit)

    Is the information current?

    • When was the website created or updated?
    • Do the links work?
    • Are the links on topic?
    • Is the website easy to use?
    • Do you have to pay to use the website or is access free?

    What is the purpose (bias) of the website?

    • To provide information To persuade the reader.
    • To sell somethingTo get a donation.

    Click on the link below to use the online website evaluation wizard.

    Evaluation Wizard