• MLA Citation Information

    Keys for your Works Cited Page

    Remember to do the following after you have created your Works Cited page:

    • List citations inABC order.
    • Font size should be12.
    • Font style should beTimes New Roman.
    • Line spacingshould bedouble.
    • First lineof your citation should beleft aligned
    • Additional linesshould be indented (this is called a "hanging indent")
    • Please,resist the temptation to number or bullet your citations!

      MLA Formatting and Style Guide

    Free Online MLA Citation Makers

    Try one of these free online MLA Citation Makers.  I am sure you will like them as much as I do.  Just be sure to alphabetize and double space the citations after you paste them into Microsoft Word.

    OSLIS MLA Citation Maker for Elementary Students

    Landmarks Son of Citation Machine

    Citation Creator

    This citation creator will automatically fill in required information for you.  It does not get easier than this-a real thumbs up!