• Sixth Grade Curriculum

    Sixth Grade Curriculum


    Genres: Fiction, non-fiction

    Comprehension skills: Vocabulary, main idea, prediction, inference, retell, summarize,

    • Read Aloud
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Reading


    Genres: Personal writing, response to literature, non-fiction, poetry, persuasive writing, refelection

    • Shared Writing
    • Guided Writing
    • Independent Writing


    • Unit 1: Scientific Process and Technology
    • Unit 2: Investigating Energy
    • Unit 3: The Earth, Planets, The Solar System and Beyond
    • Unit 4: Ecosystems and the Human Impact on the Environment

     Social Studies

    • Geography:Map Skill
    • The development of Ancient Civilizations
    • Development of economics, government, language, trade, and religion