• Supply List

    Supplies are extremely important. Each child needs the tools necessary to complete assignments and be successful in organizing their notes and materials.

    Class 5W School Supplies

    6 marble notebooks

    1 one inch binder

    1 red 2 pocket folder (labeled Math)

    1 blue 2 pocket folder (labeled ELA)

    1 green 2 pocket folder (labeled Science)

    1 black 2 pocket folder (labeled Social Studies)  

    1 flexible binder ½ inch in the color of your choice for Technology

    1 yellow two pocket folder (no patterns)

    1 purple two pocket folder (no patterns)  

    4 small packs of post-its

    3 highlighters - 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 pink

    Protractor, ruler and a compass for home use

    4 packs of filler paper

    4 packs of pencils

    1 soft pencil case  


    2 packs blue or black ink pens  



    Crayons and markers

    * Please keep in mind that other teachers in the specialty areas will ask for additional supplies once school begins.*

    **Please bring in $2.00 for your Hillcrest Homework Planner**