• Back in Time

    Here is a news article written by Maria Verde.  Read the news article and then complete the multiple choice questions below.

    Back in Time  By-Maria Verde

    Our fourth grade field trip to Williamsburg on April 12 was a huge success.  Our class learned about life as it was lived more than 150 years ago in Colonial Virginia.  We learned about many trades of the eighteenth century.  We saw a bookmaker, a silversmith, a clockmaker, and even a wigmaker at work.  We alsowatched a person making soap.  None of us could believe that soap was made from a mixture of ash and lye.

    While we were having lunch on the village green, a squealing pig escaped from a sty and raced across the grass.  We all howled with laughter.  Before we knew it, the buses arrived to take us back to school.  We all agreed that this was the best field trip ever.