• Homework

    Homework is generally given 4 nights per week for an average of 30-50 minutes per night. Students are expected to read independently for 15-20 minutes every night. Several long-term projects will be assigned during the year. Occasionally, weekend homework may be assigned.

    Assignments are written down daily in the planner provided by our PTA. Time is given throughout the day for students to ask questions clarifying assignments. Students are expected to copy assignments in their entirety from the homework chart in order to avoid any confusion when at home. I may ask a parent to initial the planner so I know it has been seen. Students are expected to do their assignments every night. In the event that your child is unable to complete an assignment and has a legitimate excuse, please write me a note.

    Students who come unprepared with no note will be given the opportunity to complete assignments after lunch. If your child is absent, it is his or her responsibility to make up the work. If you contact the school in the morning, I will send work either to the office for you to pick up, or home with a friend or sibling.

    Monthly book reports are assigned. Parents and students will be given copies of what the summary and project should include as well as due dates.

    It is a goal for your child to become more of an independent learner this year. Excessive help or insistance on perfection will limit your child from attaining this goal. Please let me know if your child is experiencing frustration with any aspect of homework. Encourage your child to do homework independently. Of course, give help as needed with directions or spelling.