• Class Projects

    Each student will select a Native American tale from the library on Monday, November 19. This picture book will be read independently by the student. The student will generate 5 questions from the text, and will practice reading the book with fluency. These questions may be explicit or implicit text based questions. The student will then read the book to the class and ask questions. Presentations will begin on Monday, December 3.


    We will soon be starting an animal research report.  The animal your child chooses should be one found in the New York region.  We are in the process of  brainstorming questions we would like to answer and  have already generated a list of "must answer" questions!  This report will be tied to our science unit on ecosystems, and many concepts learned throughout the unit will be incorporated into the report.

    Questions Generated in Class

    • Is my animal an herbivorecarnivore, or anomnivore?
    • Does it have any predators?
    • What is its prey?
    • What does my animal like to eat?
    • What does it look like?
    • What other populations are found in its community?
    • What does my animal do in winter? Does it hibernateor migrate?
    • How does my animal adapt to cold weather?
    • In what part of NYS does my animal live?
    • What is the habitat of my animal?
    • What is my animal’s life cycle?
    • How long does it live?
    • Is my animal threatened or endangered?  WHY?