• Silas

    Joanne Robinson-Silas, Central Administration Family Resource Coordinator
    Direct Line: (845) 577-6371  
    Email: jsilas@ercsd.org

    Number of Years working at East Ramapo: 14

    Background: Bachelor's Degree: School of Visual Arts
    I was born on an Island called Dominica in the West Indies. My parents came to the US when I was 4 years old. My Mom worked as a housekeeper and nanny and my Dad worked in a bank. We rented a 1 bedroom apartment where 7 of us lived. Because of my background, I can empathize with the struggles our families experience. My family knew that an education was the key to success. It wasn’t easy but it is possible. 

    Being an immigrant is hard, especially if English is not your first language.  I try to make the families feel welcome and help them acclimate to this new environment. I believe with mutual respect and compassion, we can help them succeed. 

    I started my journey in East Ramapo as a PTA mom at Grandview Elementary School. I loved developing and executing events. Becoming a Family Resource Coordinator was a natural progression for me. Fourteen years later I can say that I still love the work and the families. It is truly an honor to serve our community.

    Favorite FRC Event and why
    : "Color Run fall event.  This event is fun, interactive, outdoors, energetic and colorful! It is such a great way to start the school year. Students and families run relay races as they are doused with colored powder. Everyone ends up messy and exhausted. We usually finish the day with after photo’s and refreshments."

    "If the Plan doesn’t work, CHANGE the Plan, never the Goal"