• Advanced Algebra – ½ credit

    This course has as its objective the review of the study of algebra, functions, equations, and other topics completed in the first three years of required high school mathematics along with the extension of these to more complex levels. The final in this course will be a local examination.  This course can be linked with Introduction to Statistics. Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II and Trigonometry R or Algebra II / Trigonometry A.



    Introduction to Statistics – ½ credit

    This course, designed for students with average or better than average ability in mathematics, investigates the techniques used in collecting, organizing and analyzing information.  It includes topics such as frequency distributions, techniques for calculating means, variances and standard deviation, sampling procedures, and types of distribution.  Students interested in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, political science, economics, and business will profit from the course.  Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II / Trigonometry (R) or Algebra II / Trigonometry A