• AP Calculus Summer Homework

    Summer Homework for AP Calculus is located at http://www.deltamath.com
    You are required to complete the assignment labelled AP Calculus Summer Homework.  It will be your first test grade of the year.
    There are several other assignments labelled OPTIONAL.  They exist to help you.  If you are having difficulty with part of the summer homework, you can use the related optional assignment to help fill in the prerequisite skills.  They do not count for extra credit.
    You must join the class Remind group at https://www.remind.com/join/d4cc6hc
    You must join the DeltaMath class by going to this link: Join Link for 2021-2022 AP Calculus Class 
    Unless you already have a DeltaMath login, USE THE LOGIN WITH GOOGLE option and your SCHOOL EMAIL
    If you have any difficulty you can contact me via email or Remind (Remind will recieve a quicker response)
    You can also watch the help video below for an intro to DeltaMath