• The Big6 Skills


    Before you begin to look for facts, it is important you have a clear idea of what you are looking for and how you will find it.  You also want to be sure you are using good, reliable information.

    Use the tools below to help you get the most out of your research process.


    Google Search Tips

    Effective Research Strategies

    The Big 6

  • Citation

    Citing your sources (telling the reader where you got your information) answers these questions:

      Where did you find you information?
      Are your sources reliable?
      Where can I go to learn more about your topic?

    Research Project Tip #1:  Gather and keep information about your resources as you go.  Don’t wait until the end and have to go looking for them!
    Research Project Tip #2:  Many online sources, including the databases on our database page, will create the citation for you—just copy and paste it to your “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” page or slide.

    View this video to help you learn how:
    Gale Support

    If you use other websites of books, try the tools below to create your citations (complete and organized information about your sources).Citation Machine Scribbr MLA Citation Generator