• Questions


    1. Why don’t I get a black screen asking me to put in my Username and Password?

    • It is important to download Versatrans My Stop; there are multiple similar applications in the application store and downloading the incorrect application will create confusion.
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    2. Why are my username and password saying they are incorrect?

    • Make sure you have selected the proper school district from the menu. Select Not your school to go back to a list of districts and select "East Ramapo Central School District #802".
    • Make sure you are using your district assigned credentials

    3. Why does the screen say No Active Route Found?

    • If your student’s bus is not running then the message will be No Active Route Found. As soon as the bus is running you will see route information.

    4. How do I switch to look at another one of my student’s bus information?

    • Simply click the drop-down arrow next to your student’s name on the Map This will show all students assigned to you. If one or more of your students are missing contact the school/transportation department to have this fixed.

    5. Why am I not getting any notifications in the application?

    • Notifications must be turned On; click on the Setup tab and ensure notifications are turned on.

    6. What if I need to change my address because I moved?

    • This process is done through the school/transportation department. Please contact them in order to have this completed.
    • Reach out to your East Ramapo Central's transportation department (https://www.ercsd.org/transportation) for questions about My Stop. Please ensure you have reviewed all the items listed above before reaching out.