• Covidtesting

    If you/your child receive(d) notification that you must test for COVID-19:

    1. Please get tested for COVID-19 immediately.  Please see other locations for Free COVID19 Testing below.You may choose to contact your health care provider and request COVID testing, or you may select from the list of facilities provided below. All of the facilities listed provide free COVID-19 testing.  Any site performing the COVID-19 testing is acceptable.

    The following is a list of locations with FREE rapid COVID testing: 

    • Dr. Joshua Chesir 337 N. Main St. New City  845-634-7900 By appointment only
    • Community Room, Town of Ramapo, Cultural Arts Center, 2 Berg Lane, Spring Valley Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm  888-364-3065
    • Refuah Health Center 729 N. Main St  Spring Valley  845 -354-9300
    • Dr. Andrew Satran, Advanced Pediatrics Route 202 Mt. Ivy 845 364-9800  By appointment only

    2. Confirm that the test was performed. Click here (https://ercsd.rbocesnet.org/ ) to submit COVID-19 test information. After submitting your daily C19 Screening Questionnaire, a green button will appear on the bottom of the screen that says, “Enter Red/Orange/Yellow Zone COVID-19 Testing Certification”.If you have been notified, based on your Red/Orange/Yellow Zone School Cluster, click the green button to fill out the required information regarding COVID-19 testing certification and proof.

     Covid Quesionnaire .  Testing Q

    : Proof of testing should include all of the following: name, addres, and date of birth of the individual tested, documentation with the result of the test, the date the test was performed, and the laboratory where the test was conducted. 


    • If you have more questions regarding the notification regarding COVID-19 testing, you should reach out to Chris Healy, Coordinator of Health Services at 845 721-3780 or chealy@ercsd.org.
    • If you would like to connect with someone in your school, please click here.

    We appreciate your anticipated cooperation as we follow the appropriate procedures developed and implemented by the District under the guidance of the New York State and Rockland County Departments of Health.