• grading

  • Individual Grading

    Students will be graded individually on two aspects:

         Student puts forth 100% effort during class
         Completes warm-ups to the best of their ability
         Good sportsmanship is shown throughout class
         Student is wearing sneakers 


  •  As a Class

    Students will be receiving "STARS" as they leave the gym as a class. 

    The class has the opportunity to earn up to 5 STARS each time they come to PE.

    STARS are added up at the end of the school year and go towards points for Field Day!

    STARS are earned by:
    Entered the gymnasium in a respectful way (walking and quietly)
    Reporting to their class lines
    Participating in class correctly (effort and behavior)
    The whole class wearing sneakers
    Lining up at the door following the end of class



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