• Thoughts on Homework

    • Homework is assigned nearly every night, including weekends.
    • Homework should take approximately 20 minutes each night. More time will be expected of you for longer assignments, such as end of unit reviews and studying for tests.
    • Homework is your time to independently practice what we learned in class.
    • Homework is graded for completeness, not correctness. Students will self-grade their homework for correctness on the day it is due.
    • Students should attempt EVERY PROBLEM.
    • Do not show the teacher a blank problem. 
    • If you can't complete a problem all the way through, go as far as you can with it and then write the question down that you will ask in class.

    I don't know how to do my homework. What now?

    • Review the problems we went over in class. In most cases, homework problems are modeled after the problems presented during the lesson.
    • Contact a friend in class.
    • Use the Internet. Mathematics is a universal language. The things we are learning don't only apply to our class.
    • Complete the problem as far as you can.
    • Write down questions that you will ask the teacher during class or extra help.
    • DON'T WAIT TOO LONG TO SEEK OUT HELP! Math class moves very quickly. Each day the topic becomes harder or more complicated. Seek out help as soon as you are starting to get confused.