• Class Requirements

    • Three-Ring Binder (minimum of 2")
    • Loose Leaf Paper or Grid Paper
    • Hole Puncher (to be able to put handouts into your binder)
    • Pencil
    • Pen
    • TI-84 Plus Calculator

    ti-84 plus

    Class Rules and Expectations

    • Attend class on time.
    • Complete required assignments.
    • Respect the room, your peers and your teacher.
    • NO PHONES!
      • Put your phone away in your bag before you enter the class.
      • Phones should be on silent.
      • Do not put your phone in your pocket. A vibrating phone will only distract you from class.
      • If I see a phone in the classroom, you get one warning.
      • If I see a phone in the classroom past one warning, I will collect your phone and you will get it back at the end of the day at the main office.
      • Two violations of the cell phone rule requires that your parent come in and collect the phone.