Virtual Learning Strategies for families:

    1. Develop a family routine: work together with your child to come up with a daily schedule and routines that really meet your family needs. When you structure your day around your daily routines, you can make time for everything at home when your child is learning online. The most important thing is to follow your schedule and routines. This will help your child to take advantage of the study time and have some extra time for the family to be together. 

     Consider adding the following to your daily routine & schedule:

    • Wake up time
    • Meal plan
    • TV time
    • Exercise time

           2. Set up a working area for your child: this helps with routines and consistency when it comes to study time (this area must be a quiet one)

            3. Communication with your child’s teacher is very important- having the teacher’s contact information is a big parent/child support.

    You can communicate with the teacher when:

    • Your child does not understand the homework
    • You have a question about his academic performance
    • You want to be informed about any event or meeting
    • Your child is having technical difficulties working from home

          4. Be Positive- be aware that this is a difficult time for teachers, students and parents. Work together as a  family and try different options until you develop some strategies       that can motivate you and your child during virtual learning. These are some tips to help you be positive:

      • praise your child’s success
      • motivate your child when you notice he’s having a difficult time
      • encourage your child- let your child know you believe in him/her

     5.Have some family time- these are things you can do together as a family:

    • Watching TV
    • Cooking
    • Playing
    • Reading
    • Walking
    • Singing 
    • Studying