• English Language Arts Curriculum Overview &

    Common Core State Standards

    This year our focus in reading will shift from learning how to read, to reading to learn.

    We will be applying our reading strategies while we explore some amazing texts!


  • EL Education Grade 3

    Curriculum Overview

  • Module 1: Overcoming Learning Challenges Near and Far

    Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

    Why are education, books and reading important?

    How can I overcome learning challenges?

    Module 2: Researching to Build Knowledge and Teach Others: Adaptations in the Wide World of Frogs

    Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

    How does an author engage the reader in a narrative?

    How do experts build knowledge and share expertise about a topic?

    How do frogs survive?

     Module 3: Exploring Literary Classics

    Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

    How do writers capture a reader's imagination?

    What can we learn from reading literary classics?

     Module 4: Water Around the World

    Guiding Questions and Big Ideas:

    Why are the world's freshwater sources threatened?

    Due to rainfall, freshwater is not distributed equally around the world. How do people persuade others to take action to contribute to a better world?

  • Common Core State Standards for ELA