• Daily Expectations for Kakiat Scholars:

    Expectations for IN PERSON learning:

    Class Entry and Exit:

    You are expected to sit down quietly at your table when you enter the class and immediately begin writing the Learning Target down for the day. You will then retrieve any required materials from the Resource Center. I expect all of you to be PROMPT and prepared for class. Class ends at the scheduled time, not a minute sooner. 

    ***Bathroom Note: Students are required to use the pass inside of their homework agendas for the bathroom and any other time they are leaving the classroom. If a student does not have the required pass he/she will not be allowed out of the room. There is NO bathroom for the first or last 10 minutes of the class period. 

    Respectful behavior is expected from each student at all times.  I expect you to abide by all rules – both school and classroom - and remain attentive and respectful at all times.  This includes respecting all property in the classroom. Leaving any trash or damaging any property that is not yours is completely unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.

    Absence Policy: It is absolutely essential to make up any missed work (class and homework) when you are absent. Please check Schoology and/or contact a friend or even me for missed assignments. If work is not turned in after an absence, it will result in a zero. It is absolutely the student’s responsibility to find out, complete, and turn in any and all missing work!

    Expectations for REMOTE learning and video conferencing:


    Video Conferencing Etiquette

    Infographic created by the Celina High School SWAT Team in Celina, TX, and their advisor, Tisha Poncio