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    World Languages Honor Society Requirements

    1. A final grade of 90 or better (B+ for honors) in each of a minimum of two years of World Language courses at Ramapo High School.
    2. The student will have completed at least 1 year of service to the department and be currently involved in a service activity. These activities include: Spanish Club or French Club 
    3. The student must have completed a minimum of 5 hours of departmental, language or cultural service-related work to be considered for the ERCSD World Languages Honor Society. Students can begin documenting hours beginning in January during the previous school year and must be completed by the time applications are due (generally in February of induction year). Students must complete and submit a verification form for the hours with their application.
    4. The student must be presently enrolled in or have successfully completed a Level 4 course (Spanish, French).