• Kakiat Scholars! Here you will find the grading policy for your 7th grade English class:


    Grading Policy:






    It is absolutely essential that you complete homework assignments when they are assigned. Homework makes up a significant part of the course grade and is evidence of whether or not you understood the content or skills for that particular unit or lesson. Homework assignments will be checked and graded. Late homework assignments will result in a loss of points. When you are working remotely (at home), you will be expected to check Schoology daily for assignments and submit them by the due date.

    Class Participation:

    Each student is encouraged to think critically and actively participate in class discussions and activities. This helps to create a more interesting and engaging classroom environment for everyone. All students are expected to complete the classwork each period (this applies to instruction in person as well as remotely).  Each student is given participation points each day (0-4).  Should a student not complete their work, come unprepared, or generally disrupt the class, they will lose some or all of their participation points for that day.


    All of the work that you complete in this class will be assessed and go towards your final grade.  At the end of each unit, you will complete at least one major writing assignment and/or Project Based Assessment that will make up a large portion of your grade. Additionally, throughout the unit, there will be quizzes and or tests on both vocabulary and your comprehension of the literature we are studying.