• AP Chemistry

    AP Chemistry is a college level chemistry course similar to what a student would take in their first year of college as a Chemistry, Biology , Physics or Engineering Major.  Success in this course requires a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and good study skills!

    Course Materials and Assignments can be accessed on schoology

     Grading Policy

    • Tests and Quizzes  70%
    • Labs  20%                                
    • HW/CW  10%

    Required Materials

    • Textbook: Chemistry, The Study of Matter. Brown and LeMay 11e (provided)
    • Calculator: Scientific or graphing (preferred)
    • AP Chemistry Reference Tables (provided) and HERE
    • AP Chemistry Periodic Table (provided) and HERE
    • Princeton Review AP Chemistry Review Book
    • Notebook/binder for notes 
    • Lab Notebook ( a bound marbled graphing notebook is preferred)

    Attending weekly review sessions is recommended. Additional Extra Help is available during lunch or upon request.


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