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    Readiness Project

    Hello Class!

    National Preparedness Month, is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning now and throughout the year. We will take this opportunity to learn about how we should and can prepare for any natural or man-made disasters.  


    There are numerous natural and man-made activities that are more common to our area than others. In general, you should be able to identify various safety measures you should take before, during and after in an emergency event.  You will be ask to complete a project that describes the following:


    • Define the disaster
    • Describe how a person would prepare before the disaster happens
    • What would a person do to protect themselves during the disaster
    • Explain what a person would do after the disaster
    • How would a person prepare their property before the disaster occurs
    • What would a person do to protect their property during the disaster
    • Explain what a person might do to their property after the disaster 
    • Include pictures, chart, diagrams that will enhance your project
    • If you have been in an emergency event describe what happened and what you did


    Be certain that you review the rubric throughout your project to determine if you have all of the required elements.  You may choose any format for your presentation including but not limited to:


    • Google slides
    • Microsoft powerpoint
    • Powtoon
    • Prezi
    • Other (teacher approval needed)


    Each of you will be assigned to report on a specific event and prepare an emergency packet.    I will be assigning individuals to report on a specific disaster so that we will learn about all the different types of conditions.  Ready.gov is just one excellent resource that will help you with this assignment.  

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