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    Dear East Ramapo Central School District Families,

    The East Ramapo Central School District is participating in flexible home learning days, through a series of activities.  Our goal is to continue engaging students with content while challenging them through independent practice.  Flexible learning activities will reinforce concepts that students have learned, as well as extend learning.  A link to each school's personalized webpage dedicated to flexible home learning activities is forthcoming.  Together, with our community of teachers and learners, we hope to be able to provide materials that will support your child academically while keeping them healthy, safe and supported.


    We recognize that this alternative to our school routine and the school year has an impact on our students, our families, and our staff. Now, this is an opportunity for our community to rally together in support of our students. Structure and routines help maintain a sense of stability.   Resources that review, refresh, and reinforce the learning acquired in their classroom will be provided.


    Our teachers will strengthen your child’s learning, as we continue on our path to proficiency. We hope the student-directed activities will serve to connect home and school. In the East Ramapo Central School District, this is how we do it!



    Dr. Deborah L. Wortham

    Superintendent of Schools

    East Ramapo Central School District

    Flexible Home Learning Letter .pdf