• Research Project: Ancient Greece (700-480 B.C)


    While the Golden Age of Greece has long since passed, the influence of Greek civilization is still with us today. Using Google Slides, you will create a presentation that includes maps, drawings and images for each slide.

    Step One:

    First locate Greece and explain the geography in one or two slides.

    Then choose three of the following areas of Greek civilization and history to research:

     Alexander the Great and other Important Leaders

     Forms of Government

     Political and Socioeconomic Issues

     External Issues & Nomadic Invasions

     Olympic Games

     Religious Beliefs/Mythology/Religions

     Military Forces

     SpartaAncient Greece

     System of Laws

     Science & Mathematical Achievements

     Social Hierarchies

     Area of choice, approved by teacher

     Step Two: Resources

    Research EACH of the three areas you chose by visiting the following resources. For each area of research, you will have to provide three major facts.

    Check the following databases:

    1. https://school.eb.com/levels  

    2. https://go.scholastic.com/index.html

    3. https://escolar.eb.com/levels(Spanish Database)

     Check the following Web Links:

    1. https://www.history.com/topics/ancient-greece

    2. http://www.ancientgreece.co.uk/geography/home_set.html

    3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z87tn39

    4. https://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_greece/soldiers_and_war.php

    map greece

    Step Three:

    Once you have located the information, open a Google Doc where you will take notes.  When the notes about the location, geography and the three areas of your choice are completed, share the document with your teacher, Mrs. Malone at amalone@ercsd.org.

    Step Four:

    Finally start your Google Slides with all the facts in your own words, maps and images.

    Share your work with your teacher: amalone@ercsd.orgbefore your oral presentation.


    Exit Ticket

    • Write down one fact that you have learned about the geography of Ancient Greece.
    • What are three new facts about Ancient Greece that you have discovered while researching your topic?
    • Lastly, write down three new Google digital features    that you learned while doing this project. 


    • Escriba un hecho que aprendió sobre la geografía de la antigua Grecia.
    • ¿Cuáles son tres hechos nuevos sobre la antigua Grecia mientras investigas tu tema?
    • Por último, escriba tres cosas digitales nuevas que aprendió al hacer este proyecto.
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