• Register New Parent Portal Account

    For video tutorial go to https://www.ercsd.org/Page/10224

    To register a new account go to  https://esdparentportal.lhric.org

    Select the bottom link for Parent Portal Registration

    1. Parents /guardians must be registered with the district.  
    2. Registration includes 3 pages.
    3. Complete all of the information requested.
    4. You will need the Student ID which is 9 digits long.  (Example:  000111111)
    5. The student ID is found on report card or ask your school

    Use the drop down lists when provided.
    Select the Create button to save each page.

    Page 1

    First screen

    Page 2

     Second screen

    Page 3        Select the Finish Registration button.              
                       Wait for your confirmation note.

    Third screen

    Reminder:  a) Use the drop down lists.   b)  Use the leading 3 zeros for the Student ID.

    For help: er-data@ercsd.org